Hewwo, and welcome to this part of the site, this part is dedicated to my Clan, Angel Warrior Clan At the moment we have 7 members in the clan, we each specialise in different games, and we suck at CS :) Our CURRENT members are Founder: [AWC]Bahamut Zero (me) Co-Founder: [AWC]Malloy (different nickname, don't remember what it is :/) Co-Founder: {AWC}Zohar Player: [AWC]Kev Player: [AWC]Soviet Sniper Resident n00b: [AWC]Z3r0 Resident n00b: [AWC]Omnium We currently play: Battlefield 1942 (all of us except z3r0) Counterstrike (all of us except Zohar) Command And Conquer Generals (Me and Kev) UT2k3 (me and Zohar) We are not currently recruiting as we only recruit people from North East England Current Positions: Battlefield 1942: No Leagues Counterstrike: CGZ 3v3 Beta Division - Last Place Command And Conquer Generals: Nationwide iGames Generals League - Bahamut Zero, Blue Division, First Place UT2k3: No Leagues (yet)